Hello and welcome to my new site! I trust you will find it easy to utilize.

At the beginning of 2012, I began in real estate as a leasing agent and office manager, and today, I am a broker. Since then, I have marketed, shown and executed leases on hundreds of rentals all over Chicago. My family and I grew up here in the city and have been here since the late 1800's. I have lived in several neighborhoods that have grown monumentously in recent years, such as Avondale, Lincoln Square and Rogers Park. My husband and I moved from Logan Square after twenty-two years of living in the neighborhood together, as we purchased our first home in Northfield, IL.

When it comes to serving the people who are looking to find a new apartment, I take a personal love and interest. And, I am passionate about every aspect of my hometown. I enjoy talking about the units themselves and especially about the surrounding neighborhoods. Many people I have worked with have been new to the city; it never gets old to hear people comment on my native accent.

If you're looking to buy a home, I can certainly help with that, too! People are often pleasantly surprised to discover they can own a home for less than what they pay in rent, and many lenders have options to work with your unique situations.

Diligent service to my rental clients (e.g., landlords and property managers) is my top priority. I do so by efficiently working an average of 75-90 hours per week by providing detailed listings and attending every showing. Marketing a listing is something I take seriously; with rare exception, each one has several of my photos, measurements of each room and full details on application requirements. In order to be truly fair to the public, each listing is marketed until I execute a lease or it is otherwise no longer available. And, each application package is submitted to my client in the order in which it was received. (The available listings page is updated at my earliest opportunity.) Because a listing status can change at a moment's notice, prospective applicants are always asked to please contact me before applying so they can inquire on that.

Ready to sell? Great! I have a large team of professionals ready to serve you! Let's make the next phase of your life a whole lot easier!

If you would like to learn more about me or what I can do for you, please contact me! 773-697-4474 - ldake@KaleRealty.com

And one more thing before we part: This site was designed by me, hand-coded via Notepad and is updated regularly. I have tried my best to make this site accessible for those with additional needs as well as for ease of use on mobile devices. You should be able to navigate fairly easily. If you feel my site could stand some improvement while maintaining its simple design, please let me know. I would be happy to learn a new trick or two!