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Hi there! And THANK YOU! for your interest in one of my residential rental listings. Before you move forward with applying, I have a few questions to ask you below. The credit and background check portion of the application is not refundable, so I want to help make sure you have the best shot at being approved. By presenting things the way they’re requested by the landlords and property managers, it offers you a much stronger assurance your application will be considered quickly and with minimal concern on their end.

IF YOU ARE REPRESENTED BY ANOTHER AGENT, AND THEY SENT YOU TO THIS PAGE, the application may ask "Kale Agent Name". Please be sure to type "Lori Dake" (me!) for distribution purposes. I do not receive the applications directly, or immediately. You may type in your agent's name in the comments/remarks section at the end, making mention of the date and time they showed you the unit.

And please be aware, unless specifically noted, per office policy, every listing I have welcomes Section 8 applicants, which abides by Cook County's Source of Income law. And, in order to abide by Fair Housing standards, all of my rental listings are marketed and shown until a lease is fully executed, or the listing has been canceled or has expired. Kindly review the listing's minimum requirements noted in the description. Everyone is given the same opportunity and is held to the same standards. :)

Kale Realty complies with the Cook County Just Housing Amendment. A link to that information can be found here.

So let’s begin with the checklist!

1) Have you contacted me by phone, text or email to ensure the unit is still available, and have you received a positive confirmation from me?

2) Have you seen the unit in person before applying?

2a) If not, have you confirmed with me the landlord or property manager will consider your application “sight unseen”?

3) Did you review the listing requirements on the listing to ensure you meet them? (You can see all of my active listings here.)

3a) Note: If the listing says "Available now", that means it's vacant. Most landlords will expect a lease to begin no later than the first of the upcoming month, if not sooner. Are you prepared to start a lease quickly?

4) If you are currently renting, have you given notice to your landlord you intend to move?

5) If you will be introducing a pet or assistance animal to the unit, do you have its recent vaccination records available?

6) If the landlord or property manager approves your application, are you prepared to sign a lease immediately, including having all the monies available as described in the listing? (Remember like I said above: Unless I'm told to stop, I keep going until that lease is executed, because otherwise that's not fair to the public. That means you've signed your share, you've turned in all monies due, the landlord signed their share, and you received a copy of the lease!)

7) Is everyone else who will be living in the unit, who is 18 years or older, also ready to apply with all points as described above?

8) If you have already discussed with me the need for a cosigner, is that person also ready to apply with all the points as described above?

8a) Unless otherwise noted, cosigners use the same application as the applicants and pay the same fees. The application process ensures cosigners are viable; they have great credit and the funds necessary to cover the entirety of the rent beyond their own financial obligations. Cosigners would state they are cosigning for the applicant/s at the end of the application in the remarks/comments field.

9) Do you have your photo ID and proof of income ready to be uploaded, preferably in .pdf format?

10) Is your ID clear and easy to read when printed, without any flash or blur, and is your proof of income intact – the way you received it?

11) If you are uploading an alternative form of ID and/or proof of income, have you asked me if what you are sending is acceptable? If the application does not accept your upload, you can email or fax it.

*** Oh and just to be certain, as a few folks have made a mistake on this, please note dependants are not other people who would be applying. They are "applicants". Thanks!

And please note, if an automatic result says "approved", it is only a pre-approval. Landlords/Property managers always make the final decision.

I understand and wish to move forward and apply