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Home Buyers Wanted!

Ready to buy or just thinking about it? Check out some of the questions and answers below! Please note of course, every deal is unique, so while I do my best to answer predictable questions, what applies to your particular needs and circumstances can vary. So it's best to contact me!

And as always, my videos are closed captioned so you can read along. Thanks!

Can I afford to buy my own home?

What's the first thing I should do when buying a home?

How much would it cost me to use an agent?

What should I expect in an agent representing me?

What benefits do you offer buyers?

How can I be sure you'll look after my best interests?

Can you tell me everything I'll pay for?

Can you tell me what lender programs I qualify for?

Why do I need a pre-approved letter?

What does "seller's market" mean?

Will cosigning for my sister affect me
getting my home?

How much money will I need at closing?

How long does the whole process take?

Folks who would like to learn more about me or what I can do for them are asked to please contact me! 773-697-4474 - LDake@KaleRealty.com