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Referral Network Program

Quick question:

Who's your doctor?

How long did that take to answer? A half second, perhaps? Let me try again:

Who's your dentist?

Did you answer that just as quickly? Let's play again - lightning round!

Who's your veterinarian?
Who's your lawyer?
(Maybe you have several!)
Who's your tax preparer?
Who's your mechanic?
Who's your babysitter?
Who's your personal trainer?
Who's your coach?

Go ahead: Take a minute and think about all of the people you rely on in your life - your team. These are professionals who you would refer to your friends, family and colleagues. (That's not even counting your favorite restaurants, bars and shops!) Some folks you work with regularly, some you see once a year, and some... maybe once in a blue moon.

Now let me ask you this:

Who's your real estate agent?

Am I hearing crickets chirping?

Do you have someone you rely on to assist you with one of the biggest investments of your life? If you have someone - great! If not, my goal is to earn being right up there with your doctor and mechanic- to be your REALTORŪ for life!

Anytime someone is talking real estate, be it sales or rentals, tell them about me! I know lots of great vendors too - pretty much any professional involved in real estate, from painters to plumbers, and attorneys to loan officers. If what you need is outside of my expertise, that's okay. I am a REALTORŪ, meaning I'm connected to a HUGE network of other REALTORSŪ all across the country - in the tens of thousands!

Needless to say, if there's a question you have, my network will have an answer for you. So feel free to reach out to me, and I'll get right back to you with what you need!

Folks who would like to learn more about me or what I can do for them are asked to please contact me! 773-697-4474 - LDake@KaleRealty.com


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