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Hi there, Ms. Property Manager! I you know have lots of choices when it comes to renting your residential units, and I want to make your decision an easy one! I’ve closed on hundreds of transactions all over Chicagoland over the years, and most of my landlord and property management clients contact me repeatedly to represent them on lots of units they need filled with quality tenants.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

-          A full service rental listing agreement that allows you to find your own tenants without owing me a commission.  I personally don’t feel it’s fair to tie my landlord clients to paying if the guy from 2B has a cousin who wants to move into 3A, and you want to do your own credit checks and lease signing.

-          “Full service” from me includes the following:

o   An in-depth discussion on what your particular tenant criteria and rental terms are within the scope of Fair Housing laws.

o   A rental listing agreement including the date of when you would like me to begin and when you would like the agreement to end, as well as what features and amenities your unit offers.

§  I will expect instructions on accessing the unit at this time, which may include keys and tenant contact information.

·         In the event the unit is currently occupied, I will always give the tenant proper notice of any showings that will occur as well as an initial discussion in order to set expectations.

o   Detailed measurements and photos taken of your listed unit (please view my listings page for examples).

o   Your listing appearing on various websites plus mine, which is updated very regularly.

o   Pre-qualification screening (please see this page to see what I ask every prospective tenant).

o   Showings scheduled for soonest opportunity and providing reminders to the prospective tenants to help ensure they remember their appointments and arrive on time.

o   Every listed unit will be shown by a licensed agent.

§  If your unit is occupied or is in the middle of rehabbing, I will attend every showing during that time, even if a prospective tenant has a real estate agent representing them.

o   Nationwide credit and background check conducted as part of the application process for every prospective tenant 18 and over who would be living in the unit.

§  If a cosigner is provided, that person will also go through the same process.

o   All application packages presented to you to review in a timely manner. You make the decisions on acceptance or denial.

§  Complete application packages include applications for all persons 18 and over, photo IDs and proofs of income within the last month.

o   A fully compliant, executed lease, which will include the following:

§  Lease

§  Chicago Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance (if applicable)

§  Pamphlets and disclosures as applicable

§  Attachments as applicable, such as riders, rules, regulations and bylaws

§  Pet documentation (if applicable)

§  Tenant contact information sheet

§  Tenant utility page (for turning on utilities in their name)

§  Photos of checks received and receipts issued

o   Delivery of executed lease and cashier’s checks or money orders collected at lease signing.

§  Because my office uses electronic document signing, you do not need to be present to sign your portion of the lease.

In addition to everything listed above, we can discuss additional services you feel is needed in order to successfully rent your unit. Signage can be utilized for additional exposure, for example, provided the local ordinance permits it.

If this all sounds good to you, let’s schedule an appointment to visit your listing! Please email, text or call me!